European Market

Despite the debt crisis in the European Union, the sales performance of TMK’s Romanian facilities in 2011 demonstrate positive trends, with TMK-ARTOM’s sales volumes achieving the best performance in the history of the company’s existence. The peak of economic activity came in the first half of 2011 when the European market enjoyed a boom. Demand in large part came from countries in northern Europe such as Germany, the Netherlands and France.

In 2011, the greatest demand was seen by seamless industrial pipe, which is widely used in the automotive industry, as well as mechanical tube and cold-rolled pipe.

In 2011, TMK-ARTOM began manufacturing a new type of product — heavy-walled drill pipe — with a trial shipment being sold in the U.S. market. The high quality and successful operation experience helped to support an increase in orders for 2012 and expansion of the customer base.

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