Investment Activity

TMK began implementing its Strategic Investment Program in 2004. Its main purpose is to increase production efficiency and complete modernization of production processes throughout the entire technological chain. By 2011 most of the program had been successfully implemented. TMK plants are now fitted with the most modern equipment and meet international quality standards.

Since 2004, the volume of strategic capital investment has exceeded U.S.$ 2 billion with the following being priority directions for investment:

  1. Modernization of steelmaking;
  2. Increased threading and heat treatment capacities;
  3. Improved control and test equipment;
  4. Increased production capacities and improved quality of seamless pipe;
  5. Modernization of LDP production;
  6. Installation of equipment and introduction of technologies for environmental protection.

The main challenge for TMK has been the creation of a continuous, vertically integrated process of manufacturing seamless pipe, beginning with steelmaking and ending with final processing.

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