Production of welded pipe

Large diameter pipe

Capacities to manufacture large diameter pipe have been established at the Volzhsky Pipe Plant. The most modern product from a technological point of view and the most in demand on the market today is longitudinally welded large diameter pipe, so most of the investment in the development of large diameter pipe is in this direction. In 2011, additional mechanized transport was commissioned, with production logistics also being optimized.

Production capacities for welded industrial pipe

Capacities to manufacture welded industrial pipe has been established in Russia at the Seversky Tube Works and TAGMET, as well as at TMK IPSCO’s plants in the U.S.

This area is not considered a priority for the company, so capital investments are made only when necessary to maintain existing production capacities.

Welded OCTG and welded line pipe

This type of pipe, which enjoys widespread demand by oil and gas companies, is primarily manufactured at TMK IPSCO’s facilities.

In 2011, the plant in Wilder built a line to thread OCTG, which was completed and commissioned in late 2011. Total investments amounted to U.S.$ 10 million.

To date, most investment at TMK is focused on expanding the production of high-tech products and premium connections that meet the needs of the company’s customers as much as possible.

In 2011, construction of a modern R&D Center was completed in Houston. The center will serve as a research platform for the development, testing and certification of premium connections.

The implementation of these activities will improve the quality of tubular products and premium connections, which is especially important in connection with the increasingly complex conditions of oil and gas production. Construction of the R&D Center has allowed the company to cease using most of the services provided by outside firms related to analysis, modeling and testing of TMK IPSCO products. In 2012, there are plans to install testing stands, which will thus complete the project. In addition, in 2012, a facility to manufacture ULTRA Premium Connections and a service center will be built in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada in close proximity to oil and gas fields.

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