General Meeting of Shareholders

The primary means of protecting shareholders’ rights, as reflected in the Company’s Charter, is their participation in the General Meeting. The General Meeting of Shareholders is held annually and is mandatory. Also, extraordinary meetings can be held per decision of the Board of Directors or per initiative of the Revision Commission, auditor, or shareholders (shareholder), who own at least 10 percent of TMK’s shares.

Shareholders who own at least 2% of shares can make suggestions to the agenda of the annual General Meeting, propose candidates for the Board of Directors, Revision Commission and Counting Commission, as well as call Board of Directors meetings.

In 2011, the annual General Meeting of Shareholders was held, along with one extraordinary meeting. The following questions were included in the meetings’ agendas: approval of OAO TMK’s annual report and annual financial statements, distribution of profits based on the results of 2010 and 6 months in 2011, election of the Board of Directors and selection of a Revision Commission, confirmation of the auditor, and approval of interested-party transactions.

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