Sponsorship and Charity

TMK is among the ten best Russian companies in PricewaterhouseCoopers’ ranking of corporate sponsorship and charity.

Adhering to the principles of a socially responsible business, TMK carries out sponsorship and charity activities in all regions where it operates.

In Russia TMK implements sponsorship programs at both the regional and national levels.

TMK’s charitable activities are traditionally carried out in collaboration with nonprofit organizations. For example, the Sinara Charitable Foundation, which is under the trusteeship of TMK, carries out charitable programs in the Ural Federal District. In 2011, the Foundation joined the Donors Forum, a coalition of grant-making organizations in Russia.

In 2011, the Foundation allocated grants to 23 nonprofit organizations in the Sverdlovsk Region to implement social projects, including such projects as «Strong Generation,” “Caring for Children,” “Cultural Heritage,” “Native Land,” “Youth Initiative,” and “Social Entrepreneur.”

With the support of TMK and the Foundation, competitions of socially significant programs and projects were organized under “12 Civic Initiatives of the Ural Federal District,” an exhibition of social projects in the Ural Federal District, and the “Active 2011».

As part of the project “Corporate Citizenship,” TMK employees provide donations each year to help children with serious blood diseases and actively participate in charity events for children in foster homes, as well as specialized educational institutions and social shelters.

TMK is involved in developing the Russian Olympic movement. The Company sponsors the Olympic Support Foundation and the Federation of Ski-Jumping & Nordic Combined of Russia.

TMK is also a sponsor of several sports clubs. In the 10 years it has actively supported the Ural Football Club in Ekaterinburg, all conditions have been established for the team’s professional development. Currently, the Ural Football Club takes part in the Championship of Russia along with the teams the National Football League and competes in Russian Premier League. TMK also supports the Sinara mini-football club in Ekaterinburg (in 2010 twice champion of Russia) and the Dinamo Women’s Handball Club in Volgograd, a six-time champion in Russia.

In the American division various forms of charitable activity were carried out. TMK IPSCO is a participant in The United Way, a national coalition of charitable organizations. At each facility, there are charity committees that provide financial support to local communities. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of TMK, TMK IPSCO made a donation to After School Matters, an educational organization in Chicago that offers high school students a variety of innovative training programs that develop their talents and skills.

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